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turbo pump repair

Turbo pump repair: Leybold,Seiko Seiki,Varian,Pfeiffer Balzers,Edwards,Adixen,Alcatel

Sertec, Inc. is an industry leader in conventional ball bearing turbomolecular pump repair.

We repair a wide range of turbo pump models from the following OEM brands: Alcatel, Balzers/Pfeiffer, Edwards, Leybold, Rigaku and Varian.

All repairs are performed and tested in house in a clean environment using some of the finest balancing and FFT diagnostic instruments available.

Located off site, we maintain a full machine shop where we design and construct the tooling necessary to properly rebuild your turbo pump.

We pride ourselves on good old fashioned mechanical know how and 18+ years of applied high vacuum techniques to ensure proper repair of your turbomolecular pump.

The difference is a precision balanced turbo pump that will run as smooth and quiet just like when you bought it new from the OEM.

Typical residual unbalance acceleration levels measured at the inlet flange are less than 2 m/s^2 but often measured to be less than 1 m/s^2.

This small measured amplitude is a difference you will notice. We at Sertec like to say "Turbo pumps should be seen and not heard!" Highest quality replacement parts, such as permanently lubricated ceramic bearings, are used in all repairs.

We work with one of the best bearing suppliers in the country, and the result of our combined efforts have produced some of the best aftermarket bearings available to the third party turbomolecular pump repair industry.

Many of my competitors use bearings that Sertec, Inc.helped develop!

We specialize in repairing the Varian V301, V550, V551 and V801 turbo pumps that are used on the API 4000 and API 5000 Applied Biosystems and SCIEX mass spectrometers. We can also put you directly in touch with a qualified service engineer for your LC/MS system.

Give us a call and we'll be happy to discuss your next repair. We have standard pricing for all models that we service. Repairs are competitively priced and discounts for universities are available.

Other services we offer: Diaphragm pump rebuilding (typically found on small turbo pumping systems). UHV welding. Helium leak checking (NIST traceable certificate of helium leak rate is available).

Discounted prices for bearing change and rebalance for the following pumps. We keep a few 550's, 551's and 801's on hand to use as exchange so you can minimize your down time. No additional charge for this service for recurring customers.

Vacuum pumps and High Vacuum Equipment for use in semiconductor, manufacturing and analytical processes, as well as for research purposes and many other applications.

Service & Repair of turbo vacuum pumps and controllers including:Bearing changes, Regreasing, Cleaning, Repair and Balancing.

Vacuum Pump Sales & Service for Alcatel Adixen,Pfeiffer,Balzers,Oerlikon Leybold,Varian,Rigaku,Boc Edwards,Seiko Seiki,Balzers.

Standard major repair includes complete disassembly,decontamination,chemical clean, inspection of all components,bake out all parts prior to assembly,install major kit (bearings,hardware,seals),leak check,dynamic balancing and integrity test for 24 hours to insure operational specifications are met.Any damage to the rotor,discs,shaft,motor or other major parts not covered inthe major rebuild will need customer approval before work is done.

- We combine state of the art balancing and FFT diagnostic equipment, 25 years in repairing machinery, and 15 years of applied high vacuum techniques to ensure proper repair of your turbomolecular pump.

- Highest quality replacement parts, such as permanently lubricated ceramic bearings, are used in all repairs.

- Most repairs are completed within 15 days. Emergency repair service with a 3-5 day turnaround is available.

- Repairs are competitively priced. Discounts for universities are available.

- All Sertec repairs are done in 100% house and consist of the following: Full disassembly and cleaning including removing the motor stator.

- Component inspection and o-ring surface dressing followed by a proprietary multi step quality control and assembly procedure assures consistent results and reasonable turn times.

- Only proven high quality ABEC 7 / 9 ceramic ball bearings are used in every repair.

- Final balancing to a very high standard equaling the factory specs and in some cases better.

- We guarantee residual unbalance readings to be less than 2 m/s^2 at the inlet and are often measured to be less than 1 m/s^2.

- A properly balanced turbo is the trademark of a Sertec repair.

turbo pump repair

turbomolecular pumps
Turbo pumps we service and repair:

  • Alcatel: 5080, 5100, 5150, 5400, 5900 ATP series:ATP 80,ATP 100,ATP 150,ATP 400,ATP 900 MDP series:MDP 5010,MDP 5011,MDP 5030

    Balzers/Pfeiffer: TPH/U:TPH/U 040,TPH/U 050,TPH/U 060,TPH/U 062,TPH/U 100,TPH/U 110,TPH/U 170,TPH/U 180H,TPH/U 190,TPH/U 200,TPH/U 240,TPH/U 260,TPH/U 270,TPH/U 330,TPH/U 510,TPH/U 2200 TMU/H:TPH/U 064,TPH/U 065,TPH/U 071,TPH/U 261,TPH/U 521

    Edwards: EXT70, EXT 250, EXT 351, EXT 501, EXT 501E

    Leybold: Turbovac/TMP 50, TMP 150,TMP 151,TMP 360,TMP 361,TMP 450,TMP 1000,TMP 1500

    Rigaku: RTPG 150, RTP 300

    Varian: Elettrorava V80, V80A, V200, V200A, V300, V450, V1000, V1000A, MacroTorr series: V70, V250, V300HT, V550, V551, V700, V1000HT, SCIEX V801, TV902

    Oerlikon Leybold

    Highest quality replacement parts, such as permanently lubricated ceramic bearings, are used in all repairs.
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    turbomolecular pump repair

    Turbo pump repair & Turbo pump service

    We repair turbo pumps from the following OEM brands: Alcatel, Balzers / Pfeiffer, Edwards, Leybold, Rigaku and Varian.